Chair Massage Services

Chair Massage Services

Chair Massage Services Explained

Revitalization without the time commitment

Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, show that the benefits of chair massage services have quick results. Immediately after chair massage sessions, the subjects experienced a change in brain waves in the direction of heightened alertness and better performance on math problems (completed in less time with fewer errors). At the end of the five week study period, subjects reported reduced job stress and elevated moods. This was in addition to the usual benefits of massage, relief of muscular tension, revitalized energy, and a stronger immune system. Chair massage services utilize acupressure and Swedish massage to relieve tension. Though beginning at a slower pace, the work moves a little faster as the practitioner proceeds. The session ends with quick, revitalizing strokes in order to bring the client back to a state of full consciousness.
Chair massage

How’s Your Work Life Balance?

From manufacturers to hospitals to auto dealerships, companies across the county are using chair massage services to make work less of a pain in the neck. Chair massage  services provides hard-working employees with a Slouching at a desk for prolonged periods often results in lower back pain. Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are common among office workers. A 10 – 30 minute massage relieves tension in neck, back, and shoulder muscles, reducing irritability and increasing  productivity.



Chair massages have been known to increase problem solving abilities, improve creative thinking and relieve fatigue. It’s better than a cup of coffee.


Relaxed workers are more likely to cooperate with each other, improve the work environment for everyone, lower both anxiety and hostility.



Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase immune system, improve joint and diminish muscle aches.